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Williams Component Dating 

Many of Williams components are stamped with a letter code which denotes the year of manufacture as listed below. In the table the year is followed by the letter code. This can help to identify the date of a machine if you are confident that it is original equipment.  Sturmey Archer of course also date stamped many of their hubs.

1912/13-A 14-B 15-C 16-D 17-E 18/19-E 20-F
21-G 22-H 23-I 24-J 25-K 26-L 27-M
28-N 29-O 30-P 31-S 32-T 33-U 34-W
35-X 36-Y 37-Z 38-AA 39-AB 40-AC 41-AD
42-AE 43-AF 44-AG 45-AH 46-AI 47-AJ 48-AK
49-AL 50-AM 51-AN 52-AP 53-AS 54-AT 55-AU
56-AW 57-AX 58-AY 59-AZ 60-ZA 61-ZB 62-ZC
63-ZD 64-ZE 65-ZF 66-ZG 67-ZH 68-ZI 69-ZJ
70-ZK 71-ZL 72-ZM 73-ZN 74-ZP 75-ZS 76-ZT
77-ZU 78-ZW 79-ZX 1980-ZY      

To identify your chainset see A guide to Williams crank and chainring identification by Steve Griffith