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Spirit-fix transfers 

Author Derek Browne

We received this piece from Derek one day and I wondered if anyone else would face this problem.  The next day, before this was uploaded, I had an email from someone who had acquired another set of spirit-fix transfers:

"I am presently restoring a lovely old major Nichols frame. I have sourced some original decals from Doug Pinkerton in Redditch. These include a pair of “Record Road Sprint” decals. The decals were made by Eagle Transfers Limited and they are of the “Kwik-fix” solvent-applied variety. Do you know what sort of solvent I require? Doug suggested that white spirit would work, but someone who claims to have worked at Eagle Transfers indicated that something a bit more specific is required (see http://www.bikeforums.net/archive/index.php/t-741255.html for more information). Do you have any insights, or do you have any contacts who might be able to advise? "

I sent him the details with which Derek had explained:

Peter, I have kept asking various people how to apply spirit fix transfers, eventually this has payed off. Attached are instuctions, which were given to an old friend by Johnny Mapplebeck back in the 1950s.

N.B. Spirit-fix transfers are not to be confused with varnish-fix transfers which, as their name says, are applied with varnish.


1.    Ensure that the frame is clean of grease, etc.

2.    Remove the paper backing from the transfer

3.    Prepare a small quantity of two-thirds methelated spirit and one-third water

4.    Thoroughly wet the area for the transfer with the solution using a clean cloth

5.    Place the transfer in position and press the tissue paper to remove air bubbles

6.    Soak tissue on front of transfer with clean water and carefully remove

7.    Dry the transfer gently with a soft cloth

8.    Spray with a clear lacquer, not one containing cellulose