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Resilion Hubs

Peter Underwood

Photos courtesy Peter Brueggeman

Resillian Hub rear 350
Above: Resilion gear/fixed rear hub - 40 spoke holes

Right:  Resilion front hub - 32 spoke holes showing distictive 'cone' between barrel and flange
Resillian front hub 350

Resilion Advert 600
Research on the Resilion hubs has not produced much information, Neil Foddering tells me that they aren't listed in the 1952 Brown Bros catalogue.  They do appear in the 1956 edition and they continue to do so in the 1959 and 1964/5 catalogues.   This gives a vague window for the dates they were produced.  Brown Bros. were a components wholesaler so this tells us, not when the hubs were manufactured but when Brown Bros were selling them.

I have recently purchased a pair in the UK.   Any further information gladly received to be added to the site.

The advert on the right is from 1956.

Click on advert for larger image