Classic Lightweights UK

Blackpool 2 in Reminiscences page

Some members of Blackpool Road Club set off for a cycling holiday in 1952

Chris Aspinwall: Memories of Blackpool Road Club

Mick Butler: The Allin/Grubb story

Mick Butler: The Norwood Paragon 1921

John Basell:  The Exiles CC, RAF Egypt

Tony Bobbett: Cycling with the Actonia

Keith Body: Gears and racing in the 50's

Jim Case: Pictorial reminiscences from 1948/9

Steve Chambers: A pictorial revue of cycling in Chesterfield

Shelia Clarke: Ronald James 'Squibs' Tily: Cycling Days 1935 - 1947

Gordon Claughton: A pictorial revue of cycling in Singapore 1961-63

Alan Colburn: The Canal Zone

John Crump: My years with the Midland Cycling & Athletics Club

Jon Derricott: Restoring John Beck's Claud Butler

Terry Drury reminiscences on working at Rivetts of Leytonstone in the 1950's

Sid Ellis: BLRC North Midlands Section 1951-9

Sid Ellis: Random Recollections of Cycling in Egypt 1950-51

Alan Gooding : Ernie Clements and George Halls

Wally Happy - a life in cycling

Bernard Howard: Memories of the London cycling scene in the Fifties

Martin Jubb: My teenage cycling years in the Bristol area

Len Lawson: (West-Suffolk Wheelers) Me and my Carpenter

Peter Lowry: Cycling in Malaya

Ken Lowson: The Exiles - racing in Egypt in the 50's

Andrew Loughran: Memories of Cycling in Huddersfield in the 1950's

Rod Newland: Road racing in the '50's

Derek Parks: Hetchins Vade Mecum 1958

Ken Plowman: The adventures of a little Rivetts bike

Roger Pratt: Charlie Alexander's bike shop in Cardiff

Brian Redfern: The Coppi Meeting at Herne Hill 1958

James Shaw: Bradford bikes and builders in the late '40's and early 50's

John Spooner: Brooks saddles - blocking and butchering!

Gerald Tredwell: Racing in the League.

Peter Underwood: Buckshee Wheelers - LAC G. M. Garth

Peter Underwood : Speciality Cycling Clubs from the Classic Era

Peter Underwood: Evolution of Classic Lightweights

Peter Underwood: Time Trials in the 1940's and 50's

Brian Ward: Reminiscences of Metro Cycle Racing Club in the 50's.  More to follow

Geoff Waters: Lightweight Cycling Fashions and Fashionistas in Durban, South Africa, in the 1950's and 60's

Geoff Waters: Competitive Cycling in Apartheid's Shadow

Geoff Waters: Tandem track racing in Durban

Geoff Waters: The Outdoor Cycle tracks of 20th Century Durban

Geoff Waters:  Viking Cycles Ltd - cycling in South Africa

Geoff Waters: South African road racing in the 20th century

Roger Watts: Pictorial reminiscences from the start of the 1946 BLRC Brighton to Glasgow Road Race

Roger Watts: An appreciation of Bill Harvell

Laurie Weeks:  Recollections of the Querée Brothers and assorted bikes in the Birmingham area