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Classic images from the 30s, 40s and 50s

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Mick Butler 1s

Above: Mick Butler on the front of the tandem-trike with Gary Pope stoker, both Stevenage Scotplas C.C. circa 1976

Three more images kindly sent by Mick Butler
Mick Butler 5s
Above:Four Brits on track after winning  the Bronze medal in 4000m pursuit 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. Charlie Holland, Frank Southall, Bill Harvel (on a Claud) and E Johnson.

Right: Osgear rider Robert Charpentier France at the road race of the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
Mick Butler 2s

Gerald Finley 1s
Gerald Finlay on his Bates winning an inter-club 10 mile time-trial in 24.01. Both these events were 1953 and he went on to win the Leeds Atlas CC  junior BAR
Gerald Finley 2s
Gerald Finlay in 30-mile time-trial on the A1!!  He had just overtaken the lorry and was approaching the finish.
D Twitchett 13s
R Dougherty at the start of a pre-war Ealing 50 mile time-trial

D Twitchett 14s
Charlie Marshall of the Vegetarian CC takes a drink
D Twitchett 15s
A quick massage for a rider at a pre-war Catford 24 hour time-trial
D Twitchett 16s
Another pre-war race image showing combined turn and feeding station

DT Aug07 1s
Holland in Manchester Wheelers 12-hour time trial 
DT Aug07 2s
Reg Harris beats Kain (Austria) 25/8/1951
DT Aug07 5s
Norman Sheil

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