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Author Peter Underwood

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Pages to show some examples of Drillium but extended to cover milling, routing and a few examples of pantograph work, the latter is mainly factory produced showing the maker's name but some people do have a go themselves. Please feel free to submit unusual examples of Drillium for insertion on these pages.

For a start, Chris Hutchinson (obviously, not a man to do things by halves!) relates that - "In the mid-‘70’s when Engers was King, reports of his bikes and time-trial  successes filled ‘Cycling’- the well-known weekly cycling magazine in the UK known affectionately as 'the Comic'.   Drilling holes in bikes became popular and lead to a little friendly rivalry.   I managed to get more holes in this Weinmann lever than a clubmate’s entire bike. In more recent times it was fitted to my wife’s bike! "



By contrast Stuart Henderson's Weinmann  brakes below are almost understated although he does drill the levers:

drillium-images-extras3 drillium-images-extras4

Here are some images of Drillium taken in or near the jumble at this year's (2012) L'Eroica. Some is home-done and amateurish and some factory production. My guess is that, for a starter, this seatpin is a home job as only three holes are in line.


Below is a neatly lightened Campagnolo gear lever which can be.....


........compared with these on a Mattollini which are more extreme - I have heard of levers drilled
in this way snapping across the narrow sides.


I have never seen this pattern on a Campagnolo chainring before so I guess it post-production.......


......as are the drillings around the fixing bolts on this one?


This Mattollini below has the hallmarks of a one-off job


Below is pantographed chainring on Roger de Vlaeminck's Colnago
This must be a 'one-off' job for the team captain


Images from Peter Kohler's 1978 Raleigh SDBU Time Trial Special (Reynolds 753) with a selection of drillium components in addition to the factory drilled out drop-outs. Total build weight 16.4 lbs!

Raleigh Time Trial Special with drillium components and orthodox time trial gearing with large 56T chainring and small close-ratio freewheel

drillium-images-extras13 drillium-images-extras14
Brake lever and cage drilled 'as bought' for this build

drillium-images-extras15 drillium-images-extras16
Weinmann stirrup was bought with lever shown above and shows signs of being done by an amateur.
The double curves of the stirrup surface make this a very tricky operation.
The drilled rear-end was 'factory drilled' as standard on this model.

Neatly drilled lever matching rear mech shown above

Peter had this 56T TA ring custom-drilled by Jon Williams to complete this build

Jon Williams also worked the components shown in the three images below

drillium-images-extras20 drillium-images-extras21
Cinelli 1A with Colnago club feature and milled flutes

Campagnolo Nuovo Record groupset with world-championship colours theme