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British Empire Games cycling, Sidney - 1938 images from - Adrian (The Flying Wheel)

Chasing Rainbows - the first 99 years of official world cyling championships  by Geoff Waters

20th century British and colonial path racing tradition by Geoff Waters

20th century track racing in "Diamond City" by Geoff Waters

Colnago Master X-Light - a weakness of the webmasters, with some information on this steel classic.

Cycling at the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in the Classic Era 1934-70
by Geoff Waters

Dennis Horn - Racing for an English Rose a book by Peter Underwood

Dressing gowns - the choice of the trackman in the thirties by Peter Underwood

Drillium from racing craze to bicycle artwork by Peter Underwood and Stuart Henderson. Now with added page showing examples of Drillium Images

Early British adaptors of derailleurs by Steve Griffith

Eastern bloc international competitive cycling in the Cold War by Geoff Waters

Faded Glory: the demise of leading types of competitive cycle sport by Geoff Waters

The Fixed Wheel/Fixie Scene -  A look at the modern Fixie scene in relation to the classic fixed era by Peter Underwood

Fixed-Wheel Gallery - images of a selection of fixed-wheel machines

The inch-pitch block chain in 20th century track racing by Geoff Waters

Italian classics by Peter Underwood

Ohrt brothers - American sprinters from San Francisco by Peter Underwood and Dennis Hearst

The Cycling Legacy of Leon Meredith, Bastide and the Constrictor Tyre Company by Geoff Waters

The Match Sprint - Aristocrat of 20th century summer outdoor track racing by Geoff Waters

Pedalling Puritans: The amateur in the history of competitive cycling by Geoff Waters

Racing in the shadows of mine dumps: Black African cycle sport on South Africa's gold mines in the apartheid era  by Geoff Waters

A roller coaster ride: A fact file on cycling at the Olympic Games by Geoff Waters

Sculptured in Steel: The three historic lightweight frame designs and beyond by Geoff Waters

South Africa vs Great Britain International track omnium racing 1948 by Geoff Waters

South Africa's Missing Gold by Geoff Waters

The 1952 British Track Team in South Africa by Geoff Waters

1948 Amsterdam UCI World Track Championships: Exploring the images in Arthur Rice's photograph album by Geoff Waters

1950s South African trackmen and the 20th century aerodynamic revolution in cycle sport by Geoff Waters

Racing under the radar: South Africa’s apartheid era ‘ghost riders’ in the pelotons of European road cycling by Geoff Waters

Speciality Cycling Clubs from the Classic Era by Peter Underwood

Technologies for speed in 20th century competitive cycling by Geoff Waters