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Ephgrave No 1 - 1950/1

Ephgrave No. 1 1951 Champagne/Burgundy

Ephgrave 23" No. LE *        (1950/51).   Finish Champagne with burgundy head tube and banded seat tube.   Burgundy double box lining and lug lining.   Oval forks, mudguard eyes, pump pegs on down tube.
Wheels Harden large flange hubs 32/40, 15/17 spokes, Conloy Asp 27" HP rims
Chainset TA Cyclo Touriste 42/32 chainrings, Stronglight 6 ½" 5 pin cottered cranks
Pedals Chater Lea "T-bar," Christophe clips and straps
Huret "Louison Bobet" 5 speed rear mech.   Huret 'for and aft' front mech.
Brakes Le Roi "Bartali" levers, Lytalloy calipers
Stem/Bars GB 531 4¼" steel stem, Reynolds "Pelissier" bars
Headset TDC
Saddle Brooks B.17 "Swallow"

Ephgrave No.1 1951 Head 300

Close-up of the head tube showing early No. 1 lugs, head transfer and Huret double down-tube gear lever with second lever to adjust tension on the rear changer.

For details of the transmission see Classic Components > Huret gears