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Cyclo Gear Company Ltd.

Gears and accessories, by Peter Underwood

The Cyclo Gear Co. Ltd. was based at Aston in Birmingham.   In 1949 they advertised Twist grip control, pedals, toe clips and straps, chain adjusters, multiple freewheels, sprockets, wing and track nuts, plus their range of 2, 3 and 4-speed gears.   At a time when probably 90% of club cyclists used fixed-wheel, Cyclo were producing an 18-gear option involving a hub gear, 3-speed derailleur and a double chainwheel, which gave the rider a range of gears from 28" to 118".   This set-up would no doubt be used by the serious touring cyclist who would possibly spend time on Alpine passes whilst fully laden with luggage and camping gear.  They advertised the Olympic gear in 3 and 4-speed options as well as the Oppy and Ace in 3 gear mode only.  Also they announced their new gear, the Benelux, with 3, 4 and 5-speed options.  At the same time Cyclo were producing down-tube levers, bar-end levers plus a twist-grip control.

Ephgrave Benelux - 400

Cyclo Benelux Mark 7 (introduced 1957) front rod-operated and rear changer fitted to Ephgrave

Benelux advert - 400

An advert for the 1951 Cyclo Benelux proclaiming proudly their wins in the Tour of Britain for 1951 and 1952.  This model introduced in 1950 operates by a pull-chain similar to the Simplex Tour de France

Below (from Bryan Clarke) is a very early Cyclo cable-operated front changer inroduced in 1951 to complement the Benelux rear changer.   Both gears were operated by bar-end levers of the type shown. This model was short-lived as it was replaced in 1953.  Cyclo were still selling the rod-operated front changer at this time.

Cyclo front changer 1

  For more information on Cyclo Benelux gears see the article by Peter Brueggeman.