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Bryan Clarke


In the 1950's virtually all British bespoke frames would come complete with a headset and a bottom bracket set with cottered axle fitted. Invariably the headset would be a Brampton Alatet or the S type continental headset made by T D Cross. This manufacturer also produced two cheaper versions, the Super and Standard K types. 

At the 1960 Earl’s Court Cycle Show TDC launched two new styles of headset called the ‘Prima’ and ‘Italia’ in an attempt to compete with the TA Professionnel and the Campagnolo Gran Sport which they strongly resemble. Further competition from abroad came in the form of the Stronglight Competition and the P.3 headsets.

Below are details and images of the 'J', 'S', 'K', 'Prima' and 'Italia' headsets as advertised in the 1960's: