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Simplex JUY 543

Author and images - Peter Lowry

The Juy 543 shown below is fitted to a 1954 Carlton 'Jewel'.  It has two outer cables, one for tension, as per the Juy 51, and one for the gear change. Because there are two outer cables there must be two cable stops on the chainstay.   The two inner cables are joined together by a pinch-nut and bolt just ahead of the cable stops.

Simplex 543 3s
Double chainstay stops essential for this gear
Simplex 543 1s
Simplex down tube boss mounted lever
Simplex 543 3s
Side view of 543 gear
Simplex 543 5s
View two of 543 showing nut to adjust range of gears plus tension cable
Simplex 543 2s
Front rod changer Simplex 'Competition'