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The very rare Ras Neuray hub

Author: Neil Foddering

I have just bought this very rare rear hub from Belgium, it is new old stock with 36 spoke holes, 115mm across locknuts and built for a multi-speed freewheel.  It is designed so that the wheel can be dropped out, leaving the block and wheelnuts in-situ in the frame.

It weighs 417 grammes (14.75 oz), and appears to be made of nickel plated steel.  Surprisingly, in view of the quality of the hub, the plating appears to quite thin, and the metal was not highly polished before plating.

The hub is stamped "RAS-NEURAY-BELGIUM" (Ras is Dutch for 'race') and all the vendor could tell me was that he bought two of these from Antwerp.
Marten Gerritsen (from Netherlands) points out that  while this is strictly correct, ras only means race in Dutch in the ethnic sense and has no connection to sports. To me it makes more sense to assume it is also a surname, like Neuray

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