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Lytaloy chainset (Hobbs of Barbican)

Litealoy 3
Peter Underwood

Lytaloy components were marketed under the Hobbs of Barbican name although it is well-known that they were produced for them by other manufacturers.

The Lytaloy chainset was sold from around 1947 until the early 50's, according to Mervyn Cook the Hobbs Marque Enthusiast.

Lytaloy also marketed brakes, headsets, bottom brackets and pedals.  Some builders other than Hobbs specified the Lytaloy as an option on their machines. The components were regarded as high quality in spite of the weakness of the cranks. They are sought after by collectors looking for that something extra on their machines, especially Hobbs of course.

The chainset was only offered with a 49 x 1/8" chainring. Sadly the design, using the early alloys, was not really robust enough for the job and they were prone to breakages, hence they are very rare to find and are usually found as odd cranks rather than a pair.

Thanks to Ralph at Bikeville - Philadelphia for the images of his cranks.  

Litealoy 1

Lytaloy 2

Lytaloy 4

Lytaloy 5

Lytaloy 6
Above, on a 1946 Bates BAR, are a pair of Lytaloy cranks fitted with
 a Holdsworth alloy single ring.  The pedals are Cyclo 'Champion du Monde'
with Cyclo Oppy toeclips - image Phil Easton