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Large flange wheelnuts (Selbach?) 

Peter Underwood 

Below is a very rare set of 'large-flange' wheelnuts possibly designed and manufactured by Selbach
(image Hilary Stone)
Large flange wingnuts

Here they are being used on a Selbach bike in a Frome Wheelers/Trowbridge CC inter-team time-trial

large flange wingnuts 2
C.Harrell in a 1957 Inter Club 25. Frome Wheelers & Trowbridge CC. Note the rare quick release mechanisms, as kids we called these Selbachs as they always seemed to be fitted to his frames. (image and details - Mick Butler)

Large flange wingnuts 3
Mark Stevens also has a pair of these wheel fasteners - made in France, believed in the 1930's