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Huret Louison Bobet

Author and images - Peter Lowry

The Huret 'Louison Bobet' has two separate cables operated by two separate levers (twin levers as per the picture, the larger lever changes the gear and the smaller lever adjusts the chain-tension). This Huret is fitted to a 1950/1 Ephgrave.
The front changer is independent and operated by the 'fore and aft'lever.

Huret Bobet 2s
Twin rear cable-eyes needed for this gear
Huret Bobet 4s
Twin-levers for Huret Bobet gear

Huret Bobet 5s
Huret 'fore-and-aft' lever
Huret Bobet 6s
Twin pulleys used for rear cables

Huret Bobet 3s
Louison Bobet rear changer showing twin-cable configuration