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Fiamme Rims 2Fiamme sprint rims

Dale Phelps  (Montagna lunga Colorado USA)
Some pointers to aid dating of the ubiquitous Fiamme sprint rims:

1950's - the rims had "Brevetto Longhi" stamped above the "FIAMME ITALY" and a ferruled valve hole

Early to mid-60's - had "Brevetto Longhi" stamped above the "FIAMME ITALY" but no ferrule.

Mid 60's to early/mid-70's - had just the FIAMME ITALY stamping, Still no ferrule and still had the football-shaped transfer.

Mid-70's the transfers became rectangular with "FIAMME" lettering.

Image above right is of the adhesive decal found on the rims opposite the valve hole.

Above: Fiamme advert from Aids to Happy Cycling, 1954
(27" refers to what was known then as Continental 27" which we know as 700c)

Fiamme rims 3
Fiamme sprint rim sections. Top - 'road' with braking surface
Bottom - lighter V 'track' section without braking surface
John Conway adds the following:
While researching Fiamme rims I realised I have such a rim with different markings fitted to a Solite track hub, possibly pre-1940, it is inscribed:-
It has a ferrule at the valve hole.  The marking is just to the right of the join which is the usual neatly rivetted Fiamme job although the rivets are visible on the hub side of the rim.

Steve Warne, Brandon says:
I have found an advertisement in Cycling dated March 2nd 1934 advertising Fiamme sprint rims. It seems that Tabucchi Tyre Co were importing them at that time. At 32 shillings per pair they were hugely expensive. Also noted in Cycling : Claud Butler was offering these rims on his ‘Ultra-Lite’ model in September 1938