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Rod front changers

Mark Stevens 
SUPER CHAMPION - 'Super Mondial' c.1951

Super Champion FD 6 Super Champion FD 2 Super Champion FD 4
Five views of the very simple Super Mondial which pivots on the band - note screw on top to give
sideways adjustment, a simple but efficient design
Super Champion FD 3 Super Champion FD 5

SIMPLEX 'Tour de France' 1947-49

Gate FD 1 Gate FD 3 Gate FD 2
Above: Three images of the Simplex Tour de France gate front changer c.1947 which pivots on the lower band
Again a nut allows the cage to slide from side to side for adjustment
The 1947 version had a steel top gate, later changed to an aluminium casting as shown here
Below: Two images of the Tour de France in use, left 1948 with drilled cage and right doubled up with Campagnolo Corsa gear
Gate FD 4 gate-fd5

SIMPLEX 'Competition' dual control versions 1949 - ?

Simplex FD1 Simplex FD 3 Simplex FD2
Left: Two views of the  Simplex 'Competition'  dual-control FD with simple cable stop on the band and cable pinch-bolt
Right: 1949 Rebour drawing of first version of the Dual-operated changer with return spring - no cable adjustment
These models had both rod and cable operation  usually operated by a bar-end lever
Simplex 1
c.1950 Simplex Competition with cable adjustor
Simplex FD 4
Bernard Gauthier using dual-operated changer with bar-end lever, T de F 1949


Simplex 3 Brazed on bracket
Simplex 4
No upper frame stop
on early version
Simplex 2
Competition with stop on upper  rod


Huret FD 1 Various changers
Left: Huret front changer with fore and aft lever
Right: Left to right Pitard; Rosa lever change; Rosa cable/lever; Super Champion