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Campagnolo special fittings

Peter Underwood 
The small fittings supplied by Campagnolo (amongst others) are art forms in themselves, some having a rarity value of their own such as the cable stops with pump cradle. These will get you bonus points at any V-CC event from those in the know (you know who you are John!).  I have added a page of images here which give you a snapshot of the bits and pieces available in 1963. Some down-tube tunnels have a stop for the front changer cable needed for the early Campag front changers. Later versions had tunnels for both front and rear changers, these leading the front inner cable directly to the changer without outer cabling. The brake cable clip, pump peg and chainstay cable stop are long lasting favourites.

If you have twin bar-end levers you will need a twin cable stop down tube clip and these are fairly hard to find.  If you find one with the pump cup you enter the elite zone.  Also shown with the pump cup are twin and single down tube levers and of course the cup on its own. For the bottom end of the pump there are down tube tunnel and stops with a cradle for the pump either mounted along the down tube or the seat tube. 1030 is an adaptor which screws into the bottom of your pump (with lock-screw) and converts the pump to a push-on.

Campag fittings