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Campagnolo QR on FB hubs

Author Peter Underwood

The advertisment below appeared in Cycling 10 July 1935. The quick-release had been introduced into the UK by the importers in January of that year.  It is slightly ambiguous as the Tabucchi Tyre Co. advert states that the "QR is fitted to our 'Ambra Superga' hubs" which are obviously of FB manufacture.

Later on, FB (Frateli Brivio) manufactured a hub which was identical to the Campagnolo Gran Sport hub and both were available for a time with either marking.  Both are identified by the extra radius of smaller lightening holes - see image on right of GS without QR (it was available with or without). FB, both small and large flange, continued on with solid spindle versions until they linked up with Simplex and used their patented skewers for their own QR models. The last  models from the late 50's and early 60's had both FB and Simplex stamped on the barrels.

Campag FB

Campag FB
Bryan Clarke
Whilst most small flange Campagnolo Gran Sport front hubs can be differentiated from FBs by the differences shown in the photo, the earliest ones were identical to FB s having the same shoulder and flat sides to the outside of the hubs and support the case that they were made by FB for Campagnolo in the first instance.