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W F (Sandy) Holdsworth Allez Pedals 

Peter Underwood


In Aids to Happy Cycling 1949, Holdsworth says of his Allez quill-pattern pedal:

"This is undoubtebly the SUPER pedal - every point in the design has been the subject of careful thought and the manufacture is to very fine limits. The aluminium alloy barrel and frame are in one-piece pressure-diecastings, so there is no fear of the barrel working loose from the frame.  End and side-plates (making up the frame) are stamped in one piece from heavy gauge duralumin which will give the longest possible wear. Dustcap and cone locknut are machined from solid  duralumin bar. A felt washer is fitted to the inner bearing to exclude all water and grit. Spindle is of the hollow pattern for lightness and is drilled out 1/4" diameter to the maximum safe depth of 1". Both spindle and cone are of high grade tested steel, heat treated to give maximum toughness and durability. 5/32" diameter balls are fitted to both inside and ouside bearings. The entire pedal is of first-class appearance and the weight is only 10½ ozs. per pair. An important point is that they may be fitted and removed with a standard pattern BSA box spanner, a pedal spanner is not necessary. Packed in attractive boxs - 22/6 per pair."

Allez pedals are well-engineered but over time pedals tend to take a lot of damage through grounding on the road and taking the brunt when a bike falls over. Being of alloy construction the rear sideplate is often well worn, always at an angle for some reason. If you do come across a pair of these in good condition, cherish them as they are hard to find and they are nice to use.

The reference to removing the pedals with a box spanner is puzzling as I can see no way this would work. BSA did produce this handy spanner shown below which has one end for front and rear tracknuts, the other fitting the expander bolt on a stem and some bar clamps.  I guess maybe the larger end could be used to remove the pedals.


Below: two images of Allez pedals plus two Holdsworth Allez aluminium bottles from Peter Heinemann