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Hub sections and CAD  

Images - Amir Avitzur and Curtis Odam

We have recently seen some images of hubs sectioned by Amir in his quest for more hub knowledge, Amir has kindly allowed us to reproduce the images of his work here and I thought that they would give an idea of the detail used by manufacturers such as the British Hub Company, among others.

airlite-section-cad1 airlite-section-cad2

airlite-section-cad3 airlite-section-cad4

In response, Curtis offered some of his CAD images of Airlites and they are shown below. The CAD renderings were made from 3D models which Curtis created and the result is a fascinating insight into the use of technology today.  Nore from Curtis later.

Airlite front hub

Sectioned view of single sided gear hub

Double-fixed Airlite large-flange hub with inch-pitch sprocket and lockring