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Stems and bars

Cineli Sloping stem

An example of a Cinelli 11cm steel sloping stem with Cinelli Piste alloy bars as fitted to an 1951 R O Harrison Madison track machine.

Below: A fine example of a Cinelli badged stem.  This stem was purchased in the 50s, not used but carefully stored. It was used for the first time two years ago and the colours on the badge are perfect if you need to smarten up an old badge.

Cinelli badge 3

Neville Bousfield points out that not all of the badges are same.  In the badge above the shield has a 'serpent' in the left half and a 'lizard' in the right lower. He has an identical stem but also another with a 'Fleur de Lys' in the lower right.  One of his stems has a black background.

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