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Pat Hanlon - 1967

Peter Underwood
An unusual catalogue which was typed and hand written with drawings.  These were then reproduced on an old-style Gestener duplicator.  In spite of this it is very informative as the drawings give much more detail than many half-tone reproductions used by other builders in this period. Click on the small images for larger versions.

Pat Hanlon Catalogue s
Pat Hanlon Catalogue 1s
Page 1
Pat Hanlon Catalogue 2s
Page 2

hanlon-cat 3s
Page 3
hanlon-cat 4s
Page 4
hanlon-cat 5s
Page 5

hanlon-cat 6s
Page 6
hanlon-cat 7s
Page 7
hanlon-cat 8s
Page 8

hanlon-cat 9s
Page 9
hanlon-cat 10s
Page 10
hanlon-cat 11s
Page 11

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