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T J Quick

Author Bryan Clarke

Tom Quick was an important post-war South London frame builder for which there is little written down. I found the following on Retro Bike posted in 2013 by his brother in Law which gives a potted history:

"Tom Quick my Brother in law retired and sold his shop in Forest Hill, South London but it did not last very long under the new owners.

Tom is now in his 80s and was building bikes for most of his working life, he built his first frame in the garden shed, took it to Holdsworths and asked them to check it over and they offered him a job as a frame builder so that was where he started.

He later set up on his own building frames in the back of the Don Louis shop in Dulwich Road then opened his own shop just a few doors down the road. He then moved to a workshop in Battersea followed by a move to Forest Hill, he also did other engineering works.

If you remember the "Goodies" on TV, Tom made the triplet that they use to ride.  Hope this is a little help for you, my son has one of the few mountain bikes he made."

There is now no trace of his shop at 230 Stanstead Road Forest Hill as the row of shops have been cleverly converted into period town houses. I bought a small racing bike for one of my sons from him and he repaired a similar bike that belonged to my other son that had been in an accident.


The Bicycle December 1952

Tom advertised in ‘The Bicycle’ from at least 1952 at 123 Dulwich Road (Don Louis premises) and moved to 109 Dulwich Road in 1953.


The Bicycle Sept 1953

A very early frame made by Tom with ‘Paris-Roubaix’ ends made about this time is owned by John Spooner and shown here.


So far I can find no adverts for him from the 1960s in the Cycling press. The Norman Kilgarif website states that he built Holdsworth shop specials from around 1970 and those under the Roy Thame name from 1975 until 1995, he seems to have retired in 2000.


I am sure there are those out there who can give us further insight into Tom’s long career as a frame builder.