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Paris catalogue - 1 

Images provided by N A Edwards
In 1948 Paris Lightweight Cycles produced a large poster-style catalogue which was usually folded to a maneagable size.  Here at the top we have shown front and rear as laid out but these are so reduced as to be unreadable and some is upside-down.  Below we have divided the content into four 'pages'. Click on each page for larger image, the first will be constrained to your screen size - a second click on this image will produce a 'larger than page' image with which you can scroll side to side and up and down to see the detail.
Paris Catalogue front 750

Paris catalogue rear 750

Below are the two pages divided to produce four independent images
Click on each to enlarge

Paris catalogue front top 350

Paris catalogue rear top 350
Paris catalogue front bottom 350 Paris catalogue rear bottom 350