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James P Grundy - agent for Ephgrave in the U.S.

Peter Underwood 
James Grundy was importing Ephgrave frames to the United States in the early 60's even though he was only sixteen years of age. He had arranged his agency by post, using the letterhead below, so Les Ephgrave had no reason to realise that he was of such tender years and agreed to the agency if James coould sell 20 frames per year.  When James met Les some four years later he was very surprised at how young he was. Below are some artefacts from James' archives. James also supplied the Ephgrave images used in The Ephgrave Story.  These have provided an unique insight into the world of 50's framebuilding.

Letterhead used by James
ephgrave 16

An Ephgrave catalogue as used by James in the early 60's (centre column is repeated in larger format below)
(Note change of address)
Click on images for a larger version which may be restrained by your screen size - a second click should produce the full size

Ephgrave 10

The reverse side showing details of the various designs

Ephgrave 11

Below is the order form mentioned above, as used by James in 1961
Ephgrave 8

and the price list on the reverse

Ephgrave 9

A receipt dated 14th May 1965 showing frame number and details of four frames supplied
This is very useful information to help with the dating of Ephgraves as it
provides a reference point for frame numbers


Ephgrave 15

In 1964 James ordered an "Italia" style road bike, and he debated with Les what style of fork crown to use.  Les sent the attached drawings and suggested the "E/27R" (very Cinelli like). What appeared to be integral stiffners on the wheel sides of the forks turned out to be  brazed-on strips.

Ephgrave 13

The bike was green with silver panels, 23" seat tube, 73 parallel, Campy ends with the front eyes only filed off.  It was stolen in the summer of 1972 in Montreal immediately following a race.

James still has four of his Ephgraves which he used for racing in the States:

3216  Track Frame, No. 2 lugs,  Grey with Red Panels,   1959 or 1960
3681   Road Frame, No.1 lugs, Blue with White Panels,   1961 or 1962
(#3681 was wrecked in a collision with a New York taxi and at  this point it is a beautiful lug set in need of all new tubes other than the head tube.)
3683  Track Frame, No. 1 lugs,  Blue with White Panels,   1961 or 1962
3872  Road Frame, Welded, a soft blue-green, no panels, no chrome  1964 or 1965

Ephgrave 12
Another photograph supplied by Les showing the No. 1 Super lugs

Below are two evocative  images of the Tour given to James by Les

Ephgrave 17

Ephgrave 18

Kubler, Ockers, and Impanis near the summit of the Izoard pass