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Six-Day Cycling Marathon Brighton - Glasgow 1946 

Author Roger Watts

In 1946 Roger Watts along with two friends, Bertie White and Ron Moore (all members of Portsmouth North End CC), cycled to Brighton to see the start of the BLRC organised Brighton to Glasgow race.  Roger, who was a keen amateur photographer, took several interesting shots at the start on the Marine Parade, Brighton.  He has dismantled his album to allow a scan of the images in order to to reproduce some here. To judge by the images, 1946 must have been the year of the Osgear.

(Programme cover from Derek Browne's collection
of BLRC memorabilia)

Frank Raine (Polhill) 2nd from right with Osgear (as have riders either side of him)

Evelyn Hamilton fastens number to her team rider,
Alfred Strom from Australia
Rider from the Polish team who were from the Polish army stationed in the UK

Two riders with badges on chest - some of the few without Osgear

Same two riders but taken with two different people, one a rider

Wolverhampton R C C team with Osgears

Three more team riders with Osgears

John Bowles - Medway V C
On seeing this image above of John Bowles, Bryan Clarke says:

"At last a photo of Johnny Bowles, aged 23, with his bike at the start of the 1946 Brighton to Glasgow race. The initials on his jersey spell M V C – Medway Velo Club. He also participated in the 1948 Brighton to Glasgow race with fellow student Thomas R. Foord. His entry in the programme for that year states " 57. A. P. C. F. A. BOWLES. Amateur. 2nd. King of the Mountains Brighton-Glasgow 1946. 4th Peak R.R., 1947. Age 24. Research Student. University of London. Studying for a Ph. D. degree. Bantam-weight Boxing Champion of Universities of Great Britain, 1948".

Bowles was responsible for importing continental frames and equipment whilst a student and then starting up a business importing Fiorelli frames, Campagnolo gears, and Universal brakes from premises at 72 Elms Road, London S.W.4, then above Condor’s shop at 211A Balls Pond Road, N.1. and lastly at 107, Wood Street, Walthamstow, E.17. I believe he stopped trading at the end of 1962 or sometime in 1963."