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Woodrup - 1962   

Owned by: Derek Browne

Woodrup 1 RB

The bike was given to me by Stan Mawson of the Yorkshire Clarion in 2006 (see image of Stan below). He reckoned he had ridden over 200,000 miles on the machine since he had it built by Maurice Woodrup in 1962. His first win on the Woodrup was the Huddersfield Star Wheelers R.R. in 1963. Unfortunately, Stan passed away 6 months after he gave me the bike.

Woodrup - 1962; seat tube and top tube 22½"
Mavic sprint rims on Campagnolo small-flange quick-release hubs
Chainset Campagnolo Gran Sport
Pedals Campagnolo Gran Sport
Gears Campagnolo Gran Sport front and rear
Brakes Mafac Centre-pull
Stem/Bars GB alloy stem with GB Maes bars
Saddle Milremo Professional
Extra details Resprayed by Chris Marshall (ex-Pennine Cycles) of Keighley for the original owner in 2005

Maurice Woodrup set up his business in 1947 after learning his trade with Bob Jackson, He was a superb frame builder, giving meticulous attention to the finest detail and many top Leeds riders scored wins in both road races and time trials on his machines. He sponsored an independent team in the early 1960s comprised mainly of 1st category Leeds riders but on the list of riders from the 1965 Huddersfield Examiner 2-day Cycle Race (below) it is interesting to see that future Tour de France rider Pete Ryalls rode for the team. The two other riders are John Clay father of Jon Clay and Dave Hamilton who beat Barry Hoban in the Girlington Kermesse before Hoban went to France to ride as a professional.

Nowadays Woodrup Cycles is owned by the late Maurice Woodrup's son Steve who still races very sucsessfully in both L.V.R.C road races & C.T.T time trials. He is still producing high quality frames to special order.

Woodrup 2 RB
Stan Mawson on his Woodrup in the 1967 Redhill 2-day time trial.stage

Woodrup 3 - RB

List of Riders from the Hudersfield Examiner 2-day Cycle Race in 1965 showing the Woodrup Ovaltine team