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Waller 'Kingsbury' - 1949

Owned by Bryan Clarke

Waller RB 1

Frame Waller - 'The Kingsbury'; 1949; Frame number: 1049; Size: 22 ½” CTT, top tube 22 ½” CTC, Wheelbase: 40”
Wheels 27" Dunlop Special Lightweight steel rims on Harden 'Bacon Slicer' hubs with Reynolds Alloy wingnuts
Chainset Scandia (Belgium) with Magistroni Ring
Pedals Constrictor Boa
Gears Super Champion Super Mondial 3-speed 1/8” with TDC 3-speed 1/8” freewheel
Brakes GB Hiduminium
Stem/Bars GB Spearpoint alloy stem with GB alloy bars
Saddle Wrights with Birmalux seatpin
Extra details Notes: Bert Waller made two short wheelbase models of radical design. This one ‘The Kingsbury’ and the other ‘The Kingsland’. Bert was said have built conventional frames too.
Scandia chainsets were imported by Brown Brothers and are identical to Racelight models marketed by Hobbs for a short time around 1950.
The Super Champion Super Mondial gear was introduced in 1950 and was a copy of the Huret Tour de France. However, unlike the Huret it has an alloy arm and a bronze jockey wheel cage. The 3-speed model is not listed in the Constrictor catalogue.
Ad Hoc pump fitted

Waller RB 3
Waller RB 4
Waller RB 5