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Jack Taylor Curved-tube TT model - 1952

Owned by: Peter Lowry
Jack Taylor curved-tube TT

Frame Jack Taylor Curved-tube TT ; Frame no. 2309; 23rd May 1952; 23" seat tube; 73º head/71º seat; 2" fork rake; 39" wheelbase; 11" bottom bracket
Wheels 27" Constrictor Cobra rims on Harden 'Bacon Slicer' at front and Sturmey Archer  rear
Chainset Chater Lea fluted twin-arm with 48 x 1/8" chainring
Pedals Chater Lea tommy-bar with Christophe toeclips
Gears Sturmey Archer FM (4-speed medium)
Brakes Strata
Stem/Bars Reynolds Pelissier bars on Titan stem
Saddle Brooks B17 Swallow
Extra details Another frameset I used to lust after in the 50's and I thought the chance of owning one was gone forever. So when my very good chum Peter McLeod offered me this one in 2001 I couldn't resist.

Jack Taylor Peter Lowry 2
Rear end showing track-ends plus mudguard eyes on this classic 50's time trial machine. Sturmey gear will fit narrow rear end width
Jack Taylor Peter Lowry 3
Front end showing lamp boss and mudguard clearance on this frame with track-ends , also shape of Strata brake stirrup

Jack Taylor Peter Lowry 4
Ready for the road with spares wrapped in a 1952 'Cycling' magazine
In the 50's the keen time-triallist would order a frame built to track specification to get a light and responsive
frame and then have braze-ons added for general use.  In this case mudguard eyes, Lamp boss, pump
pegs and rear brake cable eyes. The frame also has mudguard clearance built in.