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Rotrax Concours - 1951 

Owned by: Terry Harradine

Harradine 1

Rotrax Concours 23" road frame, 1951; No. 51324; 22½" top tube; 40½" wheelbase; 531 DB tubing with Agrati ends
Fiamme sprint rims on Campagnolo Gran Sport (steel barrels) small-flange quick release hubs - Vittoria tubs
Chainset Milremo steel cottered 5-pin cranks with TA Criterium double rings - 52/44
Pedals Brampton B8 with Christophe toeclips and straps
Gears Campagnolo Gran Sport rear changer with Benelux twist-operated 'rod' front changer
Brakes Mafac Racer centre-pull
Stem/Bars 5" Presto steel stem with GB bars with Campagnolo track headset
Saddle Brooks B17 on Campag twin-bolt seat pin
Extra details My best friend and training partner, Trevor Flowers bought this used frame in 1957.  He used it until the mid-90's when he gave it to me to restore to its former glory.

Harradine 2
Benelux twist-operated rod front changer; Milremo steel cottered cranks with TA Criterium rings
Harradine 4
Image showing fine Rotrax Concours lugs and fork crown, also note reinforced pump peg

Harradine 6
Early Campagnolo Gran Sport hub with steel barrel and straight Q R levers

Harradine 7
Terry Harradine, Concours owner (right) with Trevor Flowers, previous owner
Welsh Cycling Association Vets 2-up Time Trial (c.1996)
Still not acting their age!