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Cicli Romeo - 1938

Owned by: Mario Romeo

Romeo Romeo RB 1

1938 Ciclo Romeo;  frame size 22" seat tube, 23" top tube
Nisi 36/36 sprints
Chainset F B 5-pin single chainset
Pedals Sheffield with toeclips and straps
Gears Vittoria Margherita (Tipo Giro di Francia)
Brakes Universal stirrups and levers
Stem/Bars Make not known
Saddle Aquila
Extra details To change gears, the rider must stop pedalling and twist the top part of the lever which allows the 'flippers' on the chain-stay to move back and forth pushing the chain into gear, this has to be done while pedalling backwards.
Then the chain tension can be manually maintained onto the slotted teeth once in gear, the rider can then resume pedalling.
This takes a while to get used to but does work well, other features include nice lugwork and internal top cabling.
As my surname is Romeo it gives me great pride to own this superbe machine.

Romeo Romeo RB 2
The top section of the lever rotates to move the 'paddles' from side to side to derail the chain while pedalling backwards!
The whole lever is then moved fore and aft to tension the chain

Romeo Romeo RB 4
The cable from lever to rear paddles can be seen here

Romeo Romeo RB 3
The ratchets for the lever tensioning device seen fom above

Romeo Romeo RB 5
View from behind showing the 'paddles and cable