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Readers' Bikes Component Database

Author Hugo Vanneck

Trying to find a machine you were looking at the other day, which had a particular component or colour scheme that interested you, can lead to ages spent clicking through every single entry in the Readers' bikes section as you try to find it again. This simple Excel file will help you avoid that. The file should work on both Mac and Windows computers with Excel installed.

Go to the Component Database

When you open the file on your computer you will see 307 rows and 42 columns. The first column on the left, Column A, is the list of machines, just as on the Readers' bikes opening page. As on that page, clicking on any of the names in this column will open the page on this site for that machine. If your web browser is closed, Excel should automatically open it for you.

Going right from Column A, Column B is numbered from 1 for the top entry to 307 for the bottom one - this simply lists the order of rows. I included this as a back-up if the order of entries got confused. I'm not sure it's really necessary now the database is complete but I have left it just in case.

The next column, Column C, is the list of marques in alphabetical order. In the case of makers who are known by their names and initials I have put their surnames first and initials or 1st names after. In the next column, Column D, is the model of the machine, in the next is the year of manufacture and so on through all the attributes and components of each machine.

Note:  The file now includes clickable links in Column D (Marque) which automatically open the entry for that machine, where available, in the 'Classic frame builders' section.  Furthermore, where there are two entries for the same builder a clickable link is included in Column E (Model).

I have formatted the file with Filters which are accessed by clicking on the little arrows to the right of each column heading. Thus, if you want to find machines with a particular hub, such as a Gnutti with small flanges, you click on the arrows to the right of 'Hubs' in Column Q. This opens a window with a list of all hubs on all machines. In that list simply click on 'Gnutti S/F' and all other hubs will disappear, at the moment leaving a list of the five machines so equipped.

When you have satisfied your curiosity you simply click on the little arrows to the right of 'Hubs' again and choose 'Show All' in the window to bring you back to where you started.

Secondary searches are also possible. Having searched for large flange Airlites, for example, you might decide you want to see examples of those hubs laced into Fiamme sprint rims. So, again in 'Hubs', click on the little arrows and choose 'Airlite L/F'. This opens a list of some thirty machines.  Next, go to 'Rims' in Column O, click on the little arrows to the right and choose 'Fiamme sprint' from the list. This then leaves the just 7 machines with that combination. Then you might want to see just fixed-gear machines so equipped. Scroll twelve columns to the right to 'Cogs' in Column AA and see there are just two such machines. And so on.

A word of advice - when doing searches within searches it's very easy to forget where you started. If you do get lost, simply quit Excel without saving and then re-open.  This will open the file as it was when you first opened it.  Alternatively, if you save the file when it's in the middle of a search by mistake, you can just delete the file from your computer and download the original from this site again.

Any problems or suggestions, please email me on: thatpartagain(at)gmail.com

The file will be updated from time to time. Check here for updates