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W P Newton - early 1950's touring machine

Owned by: Neil Foddering

Newton Foddering RB 1

W. P. Newton - early 50s; Frame - 22.5".  Reynolds 531 DB tubing, with early pattern Nervex Professional lugs. Braze-ons for: front and rear custom-built tubular steel racks (front one was disposed of by earlier owner, due to corrosion); Lucifer dynamo on nearside chainstay; twin Simplex gear lever, which operates front and rear derailleurs on the same side; lug on offfside chainstay, just behind bottom bracket for rear derailleur tension spring; pump pegs and lamp bracket.
FB (Fratelli Brivio) large flange hubs with unknown make of 27" x 1¼" HP rim
Chainset Simplex steel "Tourist" model 44/28 double chainrings mounted on  BSA steel 6.5" 5-pin cranks.
Pedals Brampton racing with aluminium alloy side plates
Gears Front Cyclo Benelux, operated from offside of frame.  Rear 4-speed Simplex Touriste model, introduced in 1951.  4-speed Simplex block, with 14- 28 tooth sprockets, providing a bottom gear of 27"
Brakes FB (Fratelli Brivio) large flange hubs with unknown make of 27" x 1 1/4" rim
Stem/Bars GB alloy 'girder' stem with GB Maes bars
Saddle Brooks B15 Standard
Extra details W. P. Newton was president of the "Actonia" cycle club, and the head transfer incorporates the Acton coat of arms.
I have owned this bike for about four years, and have used it for many hilly rides, including one over Bwlch Nant Rhyd Wilym, the pass across the Berwyn mountains which made "Wayfarer" famous (see http://www.tracks.me.uk/wayfarer.html).

Newton Foddering RB 3
Simplex double lever for front and rear changers
Newton Foddering RB 4
Rare Simplex Touriste  double chainrings on BSA cranks

Newton Foddering RB 2
Braze-on fitting with Simplex Touriste 4-speed changer with 4-speed Simplex block
Note Cyclo 'Rosa' rear end adjusters to position wheel in dropouts