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Meridian - c1959

Submitted by Bryan Clarke



 Meridian c1959; seat tube 22½", top tube 21¾", wheelbase 40½"; Reynolds 531DB tubing; Grandini drop-outs; Cinelli style lugs with special allen-key binder bolt and flat top; internally reinforced fork crown; built by Bill Philbrook for Dave Creasy (Polhill R C and VC Londres)
Milremo sprint rims on Campagnolo large-flange Record hubs
Chainset Magistroni steel cottered cranks with 50/44 rings
Pedals Early Campagnolo Strada made for steel cranks
Gears Campagnolo Gran Sport front and rear - Regina 15 to 24 block
Brakes Universal Type 51
Stem/Bars Cinelli steel stem and bars
Saddle  Customised Brooks B17 on Campagnolo twin-bolt alloy seat pin
Extra details  Campagnolo cable clips and pump umbrella, Silica pump and REG bottle cage

Meridian Cycles was owned by Pete Benedict. The first advert for the Meridian appeared in a 1957 copy of the Sporting Cyclist with the address given as 15 Trafalgar Road Greenwich; but they later operated from larger premises at 11 Sutherland Road in Forest Hill which featured a genuine Italian coffee bar called ‘Cafe Caparno’. The Meridian along with the Grandini was South London’s answer to the Cinelli Super Corsa and Fiorelli and Bianchi.

The Grandini drop-outs were offered as an alternative to ones made by Campagnolo. This frame has gone through many refurbishments and has decals with the Youngs of Lewisham address put on after they took over the marque in 1967. The Meridian was never as popular as the Grandini and consequently few have turned up. The lug with the Allen key binder bolt was revolutionary for the time.

meridian-clarke-rb2 meridian-clarke-rb3
Seat cluster with allen-key binder bolt and head lug

meridian-clarke-rb4 meridian-clarke-rb5
Grandini front and rear drop-outs

Internally reinforced fork crown

Drive chain with Gran Sport front and rear derailleur plus Magistroni  chainset