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L H Brookes - 1950 'La Routiere'

Owned by: Keith Hellon

L H Brookes 1

Frame 1050 L H Brookes 'La Routiere'; frame No. 2014; 22½" seat tube and top tube; wheelbase 42½"
Wheels 27" Dunlop steel HP with Airlite LF hubs
Chainset Durax steel 3-pin - 46T
Pedals Lyotard Quill with Christophe toeclips
Gears Simplex 4-speed Tour de France alloy
Brakes Universal SP
Stem/Bars GB Hiduminium 4" with GB Maes bars
Saddle Wrights Olympic
Extra details I was born in the Manchester area and did my utmost to keep up with Cyril Cartwright on the Fallowfield track; If only I had my XK8 then, what might have been. I came to the U.S 50 years ago and have been retired eight.  I needed the excercise, so started collecting the bicycles to restore that I could never afford then.  Ironic, isn't it.  Ron Sant bought this machine from the original owner, so that makes me, by default, the complete bicycles' second owner!  I do no box lining as I can no longer even hold a cup without spilling.  The striper lives in the next block, and I do the painting myself. Also, I make the transfers

L H Brookes 3

L H Brookes 4

Details of head lugs, head transfer and down tube transfer
L H Brookes 2