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Thanet Silverthan - 1951

Owned by: Keith Hellon

Thanet Silverthan KH RB 1

Frame Thanet Silverthan 1951; Frame no. ST1630;  Seat tube 21"; Top tube 22"; WB 41"
Wheels Dunlop 26" HP alloy rims on Harden small-flange hubs
Chainset Chater Lea two-arm cranks with Chater double chainset
Pedals Chater Lea with Christophe toeclips
Gears French Cyclo gear 5-speed; Benelux rod front-changer
Brakes CLB side-pull
Stem/Bars Thanet (replica) 4" steel with Reynolds allot bars
Headset Head clip
Saddle Brooks B37
Extra details

Thanet Silverthan KH RB 2
Thanet Silverthan KH RB 3
Above: Chater Lea two-arm chainset with Chater double conversion achieved with alloy spacer and longer bolts
Left: Close-up showing replica Silverthan stem and Cyclo top-tube gear lever