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Rotrax Concours - 1954

Owned by: Keith Hellon

Rotrax Concours KH RB 1

Frame Rotrax Concours 1954; Frame no. 54686; Seat tube 21½"; Top tube 22½"; WB 40"
Wheels Dunlop 27" steel HP on Airlight Continental large-flange hubs
Chainset Acier Diamante steel with Simplex double rings
Pedals Lyotard Quill
Gears Simplex Tour de France 5-speed   Simplex Competition rod front-changer
Brakes GB Coureur
Stem/Bars GB 3½" Hiduminium stem with GB alloy Maes bars
Saddle Lycett L15 Swallow
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Rotrax 54 KH RB 2
Rotrax 54 KH RB 3