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Rotrax Super Course - 1950

Owned by: Keith Hellon

Rotrax 50 KH RB 1

Frame Rotrax Super Course 1950; Frame number 50544; Seat tube 22½"; Top tube 22½"; WB  40¼"
Wheels Dunlop SS 27" HP rims on Airlite Continental LF hubs
Chainset FB steel 3-arm with Zeus steel double rings
Pedals Cyclo Champion du Monde with AFA toeclips
Gears Benelux 5-speed rear with Benelux rod front-changer
Brakes GB Coureur
Stem/Bars GB 4" alloy stem with Strata South of France bends
Saddle Brooks B17N

Rotrax 50 KH RB 2
Rotrax 50 KH RB 3

Rotrax 50 KH RB 4