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Bill Hurlow 'Italia' - 1971


Bill Hurlow 'Italia'; Reynolds 531DB; Frame number 1718 - 3 April 1971; 24¼" seat tube, 41" wheelbase 
The original Scheeren Record magnesium alloy, 36/36 spokes, on Campagnolo Record large-flange hubs.  To preserve these wheels I also use a pair of Fiamme alloy sprint rims on Campagnolo Record large-flange hubs,
Chainset Campagnolo Record double 54/49, Strada cranks 172.5mm
Pedals Campagnolo Record, with red leather straps as recommended by Bill Hurlow to match the seat tube panel
Gears Campagnolo Nuovo Record front and rear, 10 gears
Brakes Campagnolo Record side-pull
Stem/Bars Cinelli stem with Cinelli Giro bars with Campagnolo headset
Saddle Cinelli Unicanitor plastic on Campagnolo Record seat post 27.2
Extra details When I ordered the frame from Bill Hurlow in December 1970 I requested fleur-de-lys lugs. Bill Hurlow said that he could no longer get the lug stock for that pattern. He recommended the simpler lug design seen on this frame. He was based at  112 Carlton Hill, Herne Bay, Kent at the time of the order.

Hand painted 'W B Hurlow' on down-tube, Campagnolo Record side-pull brake which was recommended by B H.
The specification sheet from Bill Hurlow lists the stem as Cinelli, 1A, 9-1/2 cm. 
The "Frame and Forks" are listed as "Italia to specifications,
D/tube written O/E (outlined) and (owners) name O/E", where O/E is for Old English.
"Outline" refers to the gold trim around the red O/E lettering on the down tube, and "name" refers to the customer's
name,  which in this instance is on the top tube in O/E (a feature common to many WBH's).
The paintwork was done by a sprayer who was known to pin-stripe the McLaren racing cars

hurlow-ew-rb6 hurlow-ew-rb12
Left: Hurlow head and seat tube transfer
Centre: Rear brake bridge
Right: Seat lug wrap detail

Hurlow EW RB 3
More of the hand-painted decoration and lining, also brake cable stop and eye

Hurlow EW RB 4
Head lugs as recommended to the original purchaser by Bill Hurlow 

Below are the set of transfers from the Scheeren Record sprint rims which were provided
by the builder of this machine in 1971.  The rims are built on Campagnolo Record hubs.

hurlow-ew-rb7 hurlow-ew-rb8 hurlow-ew-rb9
hurlow-ew-rb10 hurlow-ew-rb11

Below - details of engraving on the original handlebar sleeve
Hurlow EW RB 14 Hurlow EW RB 13

Another close-up of immaculate long-line Italian lugs (Bill Hurlow's description)  on this machine
Paintwork,lining and transfers are original as done by B H.

Bill Hurlow was fond of his 5-band panel, and he referred to it as "our red enamel panel" in a 1970 letter. 
The white paint, the gold pinstripe work, the transfers, the clear-coat and the Campagnolo equipment, are all original.