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Holdsworth Whirlwind - 1952

Owned by: Mario Romeo (Australia)

Whirlwind 3

Frame Holdsworth Whirlwind - 1952 frame no. 17083 (for this year the Whirlwind used the lugs known as Sirocco); 21½" seat tube, 23" top tube
Wheels Fiamme Red Label sprint rims on Airlite red anodised large-flange hubs; 32/40
Chainset Chater Lea fluted 2-arm
Pedals Chater Lea - tommy bar model
Gears Cyclo 4-speed rear derailleur with Cyclo 4-speed freewheel
Brakes GB Hiduminium with shockstop hoods
Stem/Bars GB Hiduminium with GB Maes bars
Saddle Brooks B17 Swallow
Extra details Early style head badge; flint catchers

Whirlwind 4
Detail showing 'Sirocco' style lugs and early-style headbadge

Below: The Whirlwind as advertised by Holdsworth in their 1952 catalogue including (bottom) "Sandy's ideal specification"
Whirlwind 1

Whirlwind 2