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Holdsworth Whirlwind track c.1955

Submitted by Neil McCormick

Holdsworth Whirlwind c.1955, track frame no. 23840;  23" seat tube
Airlite large-flange hubs with early Weinmann sprint rims
Chainset Chater-Lea 3-arm cranks with Chater inch-pitch ring
Pedals Chater-Lea
Gears  Single-speed fixed
Brakes GB Hiduminium
Stem/Bars Presto 'drop-head' stem with Pista bars
Saddle  Brooks Swallow

holdsworth-mccormick-rb3 holdsworth-mccormick-rb4
Left: Inch-pitch sprocket and chain on Airlite hub
Right: Fancy lugwork on head

holdsworth-mccormick-rb2 holdsworth-mccormick-rb7
Left: Chater-Lea inch-pitch chainset with Chater pedals
Right: Presto steel drop-head stem and fancy lugwork on head lug