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Hobbs Raceweight 1951

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Image - Horst Friedrichs

Hobbs Raceweight 24" frame No. I 11528 (October 1951); top tube 22½", chainstays 17½", wheelbase 40½", BB height 10½; Angles - head 72º, seat 70º; Nervex Legere lugs type 86 BIS; finish blue/grey with chrome ends, white head  tube and seat panel, lugs lined in red; "Hobbs 'Special Model' London England" head badge and seat tube badge; oval to round forks - 2¾" rake; built for 26" HP/700 sprint wheels. Purchased and restored in 2001.
Conloy Asp sprint rims on Harden D/F large-flange hubs 32/40 with 15/17 DB spokes
Chainset BSA steel fluted cottered cranks with 46T ring
Pedals Brampton B8 with Christophe toeclips and Binda straps
Gears Single-speed fixed with 19/20 sprockets
Brakes GB lever and stirrup
Stem/Bars GB alloy 4" Spearpoint with early GB Maes alloy bars with ferrule
Saddle Brooks B17 Narrow on alloy domed 27.2 seatpin
Extra details Now re-configured as single-speed fixed - old Sturmey FM specification image shown at bottom of page

Hobbs Racelight 3
Seat cluster detail
Head lug detail

 Harden large-flange front hub with 15/17 DB spokes
(Image Horst Friedrichs)

GB alloy 'Spearpoint' stem with early GB Maes bars and engraved ferrule

BSA 5-pin fluted chainset with 46 x 1/8" ring
(Image Horst Friedrichs)

Previous specification with Sturmey-Archer 4-speed FM hub, mudguards and two brakes