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Hobbs Superbe - 1948

Submitted by Bob Johnson 


Hobbs Superbe - frame no. DB 1794 - 1948;  seat tube 22"; Dusty Pink, double-box lined, chrome ends, headlugs plus part of top and down tubes.
Conloy Asp 27" alloy HP rims on Harden large-flange hubs with Cyclo wingnuts
Chainset Lytaloy alloy single
Pedals Lytaloy
Gears Simplex Tour de France 3-speed
Brakes Lytaloy
Stem/Bars Reynolds alloy bars on Hobbs Superbe stem
Saddle Brooks B17 Competition on Reynolds alloy stem with Lytaloy headset
Extra details Cream Bluemels mudguards. This machine has all original finish in very good condition and could be well be used for a guide to restoration. It also has a great collection of Lytaloy parts which were marketed by Hobbs.

hobbs-johnson-rb3 hobbs-johnson-rb4
Hobbs Lytaloy brake stirrup and pedal

Bottom bracket area showing details of box-lining, Lytaloy cranks and pedals and Bayliss-Wiley cups and locknut

hobbs-johnson-rb5 hobbs-johnson-rb7

Above: Seat cluster showing lug, lining and topeye decoration

Left: Seat tube showing transfers and lug lining

Right: Head tube and lugs, transfer and Lytaloy headset and brake stirrup

Below: Drive train showing Simplex Tour de France gear and Lytaloy chainset and pedals

Detail of top tube finish

Distinctive double-lining on fork blades