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Hilton Wrigley International - 1950's

Owned by: Jonathan Wright

Hilton Wrigley RB 1

1950's Hilton Wrigley International; frame number 281 which is different to most H W numbers which are four figures; seat tube 24"
27" HP Weinmann rims on 32/40 Fratelli Brivio (FB) hubs
Chainset Stronglight steel 3-arm cottered 170 cranks with TA converter to TA 54/45 double rings on Bayliss Wiley bottom bracket with 2C axle
Pedals Constrictor Conloy Cobra with GB toeclips and Christophe straps
Gears Campagnolo Gran Sport rear with Record front Regina 3-speed freewheel 16-18-20
Brakes First Generation GB Coureur centre-pull with GB Superhood + levers and hoods
Stem/Bars Early GB Maes bars on GB Spearpoint stem
Saddle Modern Brooks Swift
Extra details Mudguards are Spencer shorties, Apex Gran Prix alloy pump.
Owned by my grandfather since the 50’s who after conversations with Norris Lockley I believe knew Hilton Wrigley through his work at Brook Motors and cycling in the Colne Valley Wheelers. My grandfather passed away in 2004 while living out in Cypress and his bikes came to me. I rebuilt the Wrigley in 2005 from just the frame, forks and crank set with other parts my grandfather had packed away in various boxes and old cloths! The paintwork still being in good condition I left how I found it, unsure whether it is original or a later re-spray. (I think Norris believes it is a re-spray due to the italic down-tube decals).

Hilton Wrigley RB 2 seat cluster
H W seat cluster showing lug, brake cable bridge and top eye
Hilton Wrigley RB 3 head/fork
H W head lug with cut outs plus fork crown, Cmpag levers and AFA pump

Hilton Wrigley RB 4 FB hubs
Fratelli Brivio small-flange hubs
Hilton Wrigley RB 5 Cobra hub
Cobra alloy dust cap

Hilton Wrigley RB 6 Campag levers
Early Campag 'Open C' levers
Hilton Wrigley RB 7 head/brakes
Classic H W lugwork with GB Coureur
Hilton Wrigley RB 8 rim
Belgian Weinmann rims