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Higgins Ultralite 'Plus Parfait' - 1956

Owned by: Peter Lowry

Higgins - PL 1

<23" Higgins Ultralite lugged frame.  Finish: Flam Viola with flam red head tube and seat bands.  9" chrome front forks, seat stays and chain stays.  Gold and red box lining and gold lug lining.  Oval forks, mudguard eyes, pump pegs on seat tube.
Wheels Campagnolo L/F Q/R hubs 32/40, 15/17 DB spokes.  Weinman 27" rims
Chainset TA Cyclotouriste 46/36 chainrings, Stronglight 49D cotterless cranks
Pedals Chater Lea Sprint with GB clips and Binda straps
Gears Campagnolo Gran Sport front mech.  Campagnolo Gran Sport (1952 mod. extra) rear mech
Brakes Gloria levers, Alp calipers
Stem/Bars GB 531 4 ¼" steel stem with Reynolds 'Pelissier' bars
Saddle Brooks B.17 'Swallow.'   Campagnolo seat pin
Extra details The Ultralite was  bronze welded and could be built with lugs at an extra cost and, I think I'm right in saying, this was named the 'Plus Parfait.' 
I have several of the top makes from the 50's, Hetchins, Gillott, Ephgrave etc., and I don't why, but the Higgins rides better than any of them;  could it be that Higgins was an engineer first and a cyclist second!?
I sent the frame to Argos for restoration and I think they made a superb job following my instructions exactly.

Higgis Pl 2
Detail of Ultralite headlug and fork crown with Campagnolo levers and Alp calipers
Higgins PL 4
1952 Campagnolo Gran Sport extra
Higgins PL 3
Early Campagnolo L/F Q/R hubs with extra lightening holes in flanges