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Hetchins Magnum Bonum - 1959


Hetchins frame number H 27439 - Magnum Bonum 24" road frame. Sold 16-1-1959 as Model 4 - Road Racing - built by Stan Broom - Price £24.9s.6d;
Top tube 23", chainstays 17¼", fork rake 2½"; Campag ends with rear gear hanger; twin forged fork crown; brake cable eyes under top tube; twin lever bosses on down tube; on bottom bracket is pulley for front changer cable and a cable guide underneath for rear changer. Gear cable boss on chainstay; frame is black with violet seat tube panel and head tube. It has chrome front and rear ends, head lugs and fork crown. Lugs lined gold.
Conloy Asp 27" HP rims on Harden large flange hubs G/F - 15/17 spokes. Continental Tyres and Regina 5-speed block 13-26
Chainset Chater-Lea fluted two-arm cranks with Chater double 44/38 x 3/32 using Chater converter. Chater-Lea bottom bracket
Pedals Chater-Lea with Christophe clips and straps
Gears Campag Gran Sport 5-speed rear changer - Campag Gran Sport 1005 (2) front changer - Campag twin-levers on down tube frame bosses.
Brakes Mafac 'Dural Forge' with Mafac hooded levers
Stem/Bars Titan steel 4" stem, Campag headset with bars - ‘S Maes’ – ‘M Kint’ – ‘A Schotte’ 14½”
Saddle Brooks B17 Swallow
Extra details When returned from the restorers, C & G at Liverpool, I realised I had made a mistake in asking for the chromed head lugs to be lined. It looked so wrong I painted out the lining where the frame was black and I was able to match the paint.  The head lining didn't look quite so bad and I left it as it was as it would have been difficult to match the violet paint.


Campag Gran Sport (matchbox) changer and Chater-Lea double chainring
Chromed head lugs with lining at top and down tube 'blacked out'

The 'A Schotte' ferrule on the Maes-Kint bars and head of Titan steel stem with the alloy bolt and nut

The Chater-Lea alloy spacer used to convert single ring to double.  This rare conversion
needs longer bolts which have the unusual Chater threading of 17/64" x 25TPI Whitworth.

Chater did two versions of this spacer, the thicker one being for a tandem drive conversion.
Raised lettering is 'CHATER-LEA'       'MADE IN ENGLAND'


(Two images Horst Freidrichs)