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R O Harrison 'Lyta' - 1951

Submitted by Peter Underwood


 R O Harrison 'Lyta' 1951; frame number113266 (January 1951 number 3266) 24" seat tube, 23" top tube, 17¾" chainstays; rear ends 115mm.  Stallard front and rear ends.
27" Dunlop alloy HP rims on Airlite small-flange hubs 40/32, 15/17G spokes
Chainset Chater-Lea twin-arm cranks with C-L 46T ring on Chater-Lea BB axle
Pedals Chater-Lea with Christophe toeclips and straps
Gears Campagnolo 5-speed Gran Sport with down tube lever
Brakes GB Superhoods with Coureur stirrups
Stem/Bars GB Spearpoint stem with GB Maes bars; Brampton Alatet headset
Saddle  Brooks B17 Swallow on alloy domed seatpin
Extra details This R O Harrison was acquired  on 17.12.2012 from Colin Colrop who purchased it from the original owner, a keen racing man, in 1958.  The frame had recently been sprayed with 'rattle-can', there was no trace of original paint on it and it was built up with non-period equipment. Colin remembered the down tube transfer only.  The frame has now beens resprayed by Marion Vaz in Salmon Pink with white head tube and lug lining, we were able to retain the chrome ends which is all that remained of the original finish. I am having discussion with the Marque Enthusiast .as to which model this is, old catalogues are indistinct and it is not possible to identify the lugs from them.  Lyta was the top model at this time and this frame has very elaborate lugs compared with others of the era. I have however seen images of R O H frames with elaborate lugs plus cut-outs, research is ongoing!

harrison-underwood-rb5 harrison-underwood-rb6 harrison-underwood-rb7
Head, seat cluster and bottom bracket lugs

Down tube transfer, R O Harrison also had one with similar lettering on a 'scroll'

harrison-underwood-rb3 harrison-underwood-rb4
Two views of head lugs

Drive chain with Chater-Lea chainset and pedals, Campagnolo Gran Sport gear and Stallard rear ends