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R O Harrison Super Circuit - 1939

Owned by: Neil Foddering

R O Harrison Super Circuit 1

Frame 1939 R O Harrison 'Harry Grant' Super Circuit, Reynolds 531 tubing built with cut-out Type A lugs; Super Champion Osgear Pattern 25A rear ends with vertical drop-out for gears and forward-facing drop-outs for riding fixed-wheel; extra-narrow oval to round 'Continental' style fork blades and twin-plate fork crown; Chater Lea headclip and Chater Lea 'oversize' bottom bracket with 5/16" bearings; Tecalemit oilers in head tube and bottom bracket.
Wheels 27 x 1¼" Contrictor  Conloy rims on Airlight small-flange hubs fixed/free, Constrictor Conloy alloy wingnuts
Chainset Williams C1000 Racer
Pedals Lyotard Racing No. 240 Christophe toeclips Oppy straps
Gears Super Champion (Osgear) 3-speed model Course; Cyclo 16/19/23 3-speed block for 1/2" x 1/8" chain
Brakes Steel Bowden Touriste  Super Sport  steel racing
Stem/Bars Chrome steel Pelissier bars on Accles & Pollock steel stem
Headset Chater Lea
Saddle Brooks B17 Narrow on alloy seat pin
Extra details Bluemels Noweight celluloid pump and No 6 Spearpoint mudguard extension; Chater Lea lamp bracket; Adie rear reflector

The Harry Grant Super Circuit was Harrison's top-of-the range massed-start model, priced at £14 14s; the other massed-start models were the Harry Grant Continental, which was specified with a simpler lug pattern, and the Continental, with less expensive equipment, although it came with a three-speed Osgear as standard.  The "Super Circuit" was specified in the catalogue with "Simplex 3-speed, or to order", and the original owner of mine opted for the Osgear.  

Harrison was one of the earliest makers to offer a "Continental" style model; the Harry Grant Continental model was described in the April 15 edition of Cycling Magazine as being of "accepted Continental design...", so it was a contemporary of the Hobbs Continental, which is also listed in Readers' Bikes.

Harry Grant was a well-known professional cyclist before the war; he held a number of motor-paced world records, and rode for for Selbach, Harrison and other British and Continental makers.
R O Harrison Super Circuit 3
Above: Detail shot showing double-box lining; fork crown, Osgear lever and steel Bowden brake stirrup.

Right: Front view showing Super Circuit head lugs;
steel Pelissier bars; Chater Lea lamp bracket and seat tube mounted chain guide for Osgear

R O Harrison Super Circuit 4
Below: Appropriate page from the 1938 R O Harrison catalogue showing Harry Grant
with his R O H Super Circuit
R O Harrison Super Circuit 5 - Catalogue