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Freddie Grubb - 1955

Owned by: Geoff Jones

Grubb 55 RB 1

Frame Original F.H.Grubb. Frame no. 7644. Reynolds plain gauge 531 tubing. The head lugs have the “horns” of the early 1950 Nervex Professional series so the lugs could be from a set still in the factory in 1955.
Wheels Weinmann 27” X 11/4”. These replaced the original Weinmanns that were no longer safe to use. Thanks to Pat Curtis who donated them.   Original Airlite large flange hubs. The rear takes a block and fixed, 40 spokes. Front 32 spokes
Chainset The original Williams cannot be found. This set looks correct for the period and will do until something more suitable turns up.  Bayliss Wiley bottom-bracket
Pedals "ditto"
Gears Campagnolo Record. 1963 to 1967 (brass and steel parts). This replaced the original Simplex in the mid 1960’s. Maillard. 14, 17, 20, 23 and 26T freewheel. This is not new but the teeth and locking are better than the original Regina 7 model.
Brakes Original Weinmann type 730 (the Q/R parts have been lost) with matching levers
Stem/Bars Pivo. Aluminium. (This replaced the original steel stem in the mid 1960’s) with the original steel bars
Headset Original as fitted by F.H.G as part of the frame set
Saddle Middlemore “Swallow style”. The original Brooks B17 was beyond any further use. This  is nothing like the original but it was available, new and cheaper than replacing the B17
Extra details This is a renovation of the machine I purchased new in 1955

Some images of the Grubb lugwork taken when the frame was shot-blasted
Grubb 55 RB 4
Grubb 55 RB 2
Grubb 55 RB 3
Grubb 55 RB 5